On your confirmation I will send after receipt of your deposit or payment, 
there will be a phone number to call to Check in with TRES PELICANOS DIVE CENTER.
  Please be sure to do this at least the day before your first scheduled day of diving.  

TRES PELICANOS DIVE CENTER office is open from 7 AM until 5 PM daily.
You will be able to confirm any equipment needs at that time as well.
PLEASE NOTE: TRES PELICANOS DIVE CENTER reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time if divers are deemed to be unsafe, irresponsible, do not to follow the dive plans, disobey marine park regulations, or are otherwise disrespectful to the crew.

CANCELING ENTIRE DIVE TRIP: Individuals, Groups & Private Charters
ALL refunds made are less PayPal fees – if refund is made more than 60 days from initial deposit.
 A full refund (less 10% service fee & PayPal fees) of the required deposit will be made for cancellations received 30 days prior to arrival.
* If weather conditions or other factors force us to cancel your dive reservation prior to arrival, you will receive a full deposit refund.
 All cancellations must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the day before your scheduled dive. A refund will only be issued, if the space can be filled. Please call.
 No refunds will be issued the morning of your scheduled dive should you decide to cancel at the last minute and/or no-show for whatever reason. All morning trips are scheduled as two tank dives. 
Please note - should you decide to only dive one tank for any reason you will be charged for a two tank dive.
 TRES PELICANOS DIVE CENTER or Jeanie Buscher is not responsible for any cancelled dives by the customer.
 If any dives are cancelled due to weather conditions and/or Port closure by the Harbor Master, we will offer you to either reschedule your dive (based on availability) or receive a refund for the day/dive that was cancelled due to weather conditions.
* Pre-booked group reservations/sales (Private boat) are final upon arrival to the island. No refunds will be issued than for Port Closure. No exceptions.
* Exceptions to these cancellations policies will be made by the dive operator on a case by case basis, if needed.

Contact TRES PELICANOS DIVE CENTER as soon as you know of any changes to your itinerary. We will do our best to accommodate you.
TRES PELICANOS DIVE CENTER reserves the right to require a private dive master for the first day (and subsequent days if necessary) OR a refresher dive with an instructor at the diver’s expense if a diver has not made a dive in more than 12 months, or is a new diver with less than ten ocean dives. This is for the safety and enjoyment of ALL of our divers.
Per local marine park regulations, all dives must be guided by a local dive master or instructor and the dive groups must stay together at all times. 
The depth limitations for Junior divers under the age of 15 cannot be imposed on the entire group, therefore a private dive master is required for Junior Divers (12 to 14 years old) at the diver’s expense. 
A private Dive master for those requesting one or for those who are required to have one per our policies is $69.00 + taxes for a two-tank dive (for up to four divers per DM). 

Divers Insurance:
We strongly recommend SCUBA DIVER insurance such as Divers Alert Network (DAN). 

This insurance should be secured before your arrival in Cozumel.
You can use this link or the one you can find on TRES PELICANOS DIVE CENTER website.

HOTEL Cancellation Policy

ALL refunds made are less PayPal fees – unless refund is made less than 60 days from receipt of initial deposit – then no fees are incurred.

A full refund (less 10% service fee & PayPal fees) of the required deposit will be made for cancellations received 30 days prior to arrival.

Additional Cancellation policy is determined by the hotel you have secured - see below under HOTEL NAME

Casa Mexicana, Bahia and or Colonial Cancellation Policy:
Deposit less PayPal fees, if cancelled 30 or more days before scheduled arrival.
No Show for any reason - no refund
• From 3 to 1 day before arrival … 1 Night
• 24 hrs. before arrival.. 2 Nights
Holiday cancelations are different

Should you wish to cancel and it is less than 8 days less before your arrival date, there is a one night fee charged. 

No Show for any reason - no refund.

Check in and Cancellation Policy