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Great (Some CHEAP) Places to Eat
Where to Rent a Car or moped

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Cozumel, Mexico.

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If while you are in Cozumel you find a 
good place to eat – email me & I can add 
it to our list!

What to do if you have a day off from DIVING IN COZUMEL WITH TRES PELICANOS DIVE CENTER ??

You can set up a trip with our dive shop to dive the CENOTES on the mainland anytime 
OR go to Isla Mujeres and SNORKEL with the WhaleSharks (May – Sept 15) 
From Aug 1 – Nov. 15 
 Participate in SEARCH & RESCUE of Baby Sea Turtles! – ask at hotel or email me for more info!


Feeding, touching and snorkeling with the Rays!
Educational and FUN!

You might want to take a trip on the ATLANTIS – Submarine.

You will DIVE to 125 feet and peer off the wall at ChanCanaab Reef. See the area from a different VIEW. 

  IF you took an early dive boat and want something else to do, or the weather isn’t the best on the leeward side (Town side), just get into your vehicle and head over to the OTHER SIDE, (windward) for a day at the beach. 
 There is no electricity on the Windward side, so the shops and restaurants all close up at dusk. 

Hang out on the OTHER SIDE at PARADISE CAFÉ or Mecalitos!

BEST SAND BEACH – SAN MARTIN – But no restroom or facilities – bring your own picnic.

Best bet with kids is CHEN RIO – a great place to eat - you can bring you own drinks – if you buy food. They have a platter of great seafood for 4 or 6 people – FABULOUS!

You can visit the ruins at San Gervasio – located on the cross road about 3 miles from town 
OR the PUNTA SUR PARK, located on the Southern Tip of the island. 

A tour we recently took was at Antiqua Tequila – located just east of San Gervasio on the crossroad. I did not like tequila until I had the Almond – 14 or more flavors to try. Free taste tests. 



Loncherias are little restaurants that are only open for lunch & early dinner. Very inexpensive and we found DELICIOUS! You will find many items on their menu priced as low as 30 pesos for a meal on up to 60 pesos.  
Meals consist of traditional entrées, served with a local drink included in the price. Don’t be afraid to drink these flavorful beverages, you will find them quite tasty. They prepare all of these drinks using purified water.

  Each day there may be a different drink offered, all traditional flavors and equally delicious.

Examples of a couple of entrées are:  
Catch of the Day fixed many different ways, anyway you like – Fried, grilled or pan seared.  
Tampiqueña - Thin beef steak served with enchiladas & salad.

Miss Dollars (one of my favorites!) 
(20th between Calle 3 and Aldofo) or El Parilla (located on 30 between 2 & 4 – just north of COVI – place to buy liquor) This one is open all day with a long list of comidas for under $5.00 - more food than you can eat!!

COMIDAS often come with soup, rice, tortillas, a side of blackbeans and whatever vegetables they feel like steaming or sautéing up today, local soft drink & fresh tortillas. Great places! You'll only need a light dinner after one of these meals

La Mission - Juarez & 55 - now open for LUNCH - with full menu and COMIDA - just ask!!

Chilangos – (10 sur between 13 & 15 – just for lunch)
 offer daily specials on a chalk board. Enormous portions, very well prepared!

Diego’s – Lonchera for Seafood – 50 Bis – close to CMC hospital OPEN UNTIL 5 pm or so.  GREAT!!


DORADO – on the Square – eat, drink while listening to the music on the plaza – every weekend 8 – 10 pm.

La Choza – on 10 just south of Adolfo Salas 

Las Tortugas 
located at Pedro Joaquin Coldwell (used to be called 30) on the corner of 19 South. Seafood, fajitas and Mexican Classics. 11 am – 1 am. 

La Mission Parilla (another favorite!)
Located on 30 between 2 and 4. This little place is open for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a menu with Ribeye & T-bones for 80 pesos or get some tacos and enjoy their salad bar! Very Good!

Chilangos Quesadillas
 On Ave. 30 between Morelos & Calle 3 – Great Huraches & Quesadillas & 
WONDERFUL LIMONADA!! - Open ONLY at night, after 7 pm. 

LA PERLITA - SEAFOOD in COZUMEL – on 65th Bis between 8th & 10th. Open for lunch closes about 6 pm. They will stay open longer for big groups. 

La Conchita Del Caribe – SEAFOOD – 65 Sur between 21 & 23 - Open 11 am until around 7 pm daily

El Moro: Avenida 75 bis, between 2 and 4 – great food – all reasonably priced! A little out of the way – but worth it.

All the restaurants use purified water & purified ice.


5th AVE between 6 & 8 
 Open all day – closes when the last person leaves!
Good food, good drinks, good music, good people, great times!

KINTA MEXICAN BISTRO – 5 Ave Between 2 & 4 

El Pie – 5 Ave on corner with 6 – Grilled steaks and more!

La Mission – Adolfo Salas between Melgar and 5 – nice atmosphere and good food – I LOVE THE COCONUT SHRIMP!

CASA MISSION At the corner of Ave. Juarez and Ave. 55
 An enchanting restaurant with international cuisine served in the atmosphere of Old Mexico. Enjoy elegant surroundings and the flavor of fine dining.
Open from 3pm to Midnight – 

GUIDOS (Used to be Pizza Rolandi) Excellent Entrees of the Day – Known for their “WOODEN PIZZA” but I love the Linguini with added Shrimp! On Melgar (Ocean front main street), located between 10th & 12th, one block from the museum.

Panchos Backyard – Most elegant Mexican Cuisine. Waterfront, between 10 & 12, inside Cinco Soles Patio.- a little pricey

Especiales – located on 3 between 5 & 10 (upstairs) 
 Sunrrisi – Great Italian food – on 3 between Melgar and 5.

BLUE ANGEL Restaurant – great food, wine, drinks and prices.

Many, many more. Don’t be afraid to try one you may see. 

Grocery Stores

In addition to many traditional markets (the primary one is El Mercado on 25th and Salas), there are 2 giant, modern supermarkets.

 These have in-store bakeries, delis and massive produce departments.

Both MEGA & Chedraui, located on Melgar, are just south of Downtown . We often buy ham (jamon), cheese (queso) and the great little breads that are baked many times daily and sell for about 5 or so for $1.00 US. With that, some cervezas and chips, head to the beach for a little picnic of your own!


IF you find one you like – let me know & I will add it to our list as RECOMMENDED!