Whale Shark Adventures 
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Whale Shark trips start May 15 to Sept. 15
BEST TIME (normally)- Late JUNE - AUGUST!!
This year has been an exceptional year!  100's of whalesharks are feeding off the island.
Aug. 19 trip - 100 + seen!
Prices include transportation from Playa Del Carmen to Isla Mujeres and back as well as:

Bilingual guide
Snorkel gear

Swim with the whale shark several times!

Wear SWIM WEAR - and many snorkelers bring their wetsuits with them

This price includes taxes .
W/C on the boat
Maximum 10 people per boat.

Rules and Regulations
You are not allowed to touch or ride the whale shark, restrict the movement of the whale shark or impede its natural path.

Use of lifejacket mandatory.

Always follow the instructions from the crew.

The recommended distant from the whale shark is 2 meters from the tail.

No flash photography.

A maximum of 2 swimmers and the guide per whale shark is allowed.

Biodegradable sunscreen lotions only

Feeding of the Whale shark is not allowed